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Come as you are, as you're able

Connected Cup is about fueling connections among a community of peers who get it


Frequently scheduled, semi-structured video conversations designed

to connect 2-3 helping professionals through guided conversation prompts.

  • Conveniently held during common break times.

  • Sign up, drop in, or drop off. You're always welcome.

  • Conversations and prompts are facilitated by licensed mental health professionals.



Community virtual events and workshops focused on movement, stress reduction, and mindful conversation.

  • Meant for all abilities, bodies, and identities.

  • A compassionate and holistic approach to burnout and compassion fatigue.

  • Catered towards giving helping professionals the necessary tools to increase resiliency.


Curated boxes, mailed to your door, are filled with tools to uplift your spirits and engage with your Connected Cup community.

  • Designed to support the unique needs of helping professionals.

  • Mailed directly to your door.



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